About Bedford International Film Festival

The inaugural Bedford International Film Festival took place on July 6th at the Bower Center for Arts in the beautiful city of Bedford, Virginia.

July 2020 promises to bring bigger and better films into the area.  Submissions will open August 1st, 2019.

The Bedford International Film Festival is a platform for the edgy, the quirky, the off-beat and the marginalized in the film industry. We are here not only to support filmmakers in taking the next step in their career but also to champion their efforts to date.

As filmmakers ourselves, we know that, too often, it is the commercial projects that guarantee box office success that receive support. But this leaves little room for the variety and independence inherent in filmmaking which challenge us as audiences and which is the very reason many of us fell in love with film in the first place.

As seasoned film industry professionals, the organizers behind the Bedford International Film Festival are committed to creating a vibrant, inclusive, creative space for filmmakers and audiences likewise to come together, connect and delight in the newest talent the film industry has to offer.

Whatever type of films you make, you will be welcomed at the Bedford International Film Festival.